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There are coffee table books, cookbooks and more! Books and Books Galore! Whether you are a man, woman or child, we have something to interest you from our wide selection of books and magazines!


*NOW OFFERING: Books By Local Authors! 

David King- "Benedict Arnold", "Indians of the

Berkshires"& "The Incredible Voyage

of the Columbia".

Roxanne Bok- "HoreseKeeping"

Jini Jones Vail- "Rochambeau: Washington's Ideal


Joan L. Cannon- "Settling", "Peripheral Vision",

"Maiden Run" & "My Mind is

Made of Crumbs"

Suzanne Myers- "I'm from nowhere" &

"Stone Cove Island".

Sharon Flitterman-King- "Paradise Reclaimed"

Priscilla Wear Ellsworth-

"Rutted Field of the Heart"

Peter Fitting- "Flights of Fancy"

David Jaicks- "Road Dust", "Horses in the Fog",

"Dog Park" & "The Spirit Man"

Sandra Boynton- A variety of hard cover

     books and musical books